21 High Greek Baby Names for girls

21 High Greek Baby Names for girls

Greek infant brands are definitely the prime manage March 25th, which is Greek Liberty Go out–a primary Hellenic escape. Now we enjoy they with some great but ignored Greek names for girls drawn out of both rich treasure-trove of old mythological brands and you can names included in progressive Greece that have not produced inroads the united states.

Acacia-a sole-beginning-to-be-liked Greek characteristics title, compared to a blooming plant having biblical connections, befitting a keen Eastertime girl. It’s already Matter 303 toward Nameberry.

Alala-pronounced ah-LAL-ah, this is a beneficial lilting, rhythmic choices which have a beneficial mythological connection to an aunt out of Mars. Merely possible disadvantage would be the fact it absolutely was made use of as the a fight scream during the old Greece.

Amarantha-some other uncommon and you will glamorous organic alternative into the well-known a great-beginning and you can avoid, far more unique than just cousin Samantha. The brand new amaranth rose is short for immortality, so it is an excellent Easter year consideration.

Ariadne-which title of immortal spouse regarding Dionysus and you may Cretan deity regarding virility is Amount 801 across the country and you will 225 towards Nameberry. Ariadne appears in lot of Agatha Christie puzzle books and Ariadne auf Naxos are a Richard Strauss opera. It’s Ellen Page’s character name in The start.

Clio-the fresh enchanting label of your Greek muse of the past try unrelated so you can Cleo/Cleopatra. Other options regarding among nine Greek muses: Thalia and Calliope.

Cressida-new clean and you can delicate Cressida is barely read in the usa, despite her physical appearance regarding Desire for food Online game and Shakespearean cred through their enjoy Troilus and Cressida.


Diantha-melodious and much far more individual than just Diana, Diantha are a beneficial Greek label definition “heavenly rose” and you will are the new flower of finest goodness, Zeus.

Echo-a name having haunting reverberations, regarding an epic nymph, Mirror was applied because of the rocker Nick Hexum to own their child, and also by Joss Wheden having a number one reputation in the sci-fi series, Dollhouse.

Electra/Elektra-even after their below likable portrayals in the ancient greek language and later Eugene O’Neill catastrophe, Electra you can expect to however make a striking, electronic choices.

Eugenia-among the classic kid brands however waiting for the You restoration; Eugenia try a high two hundred identity about 1880s however, dropped off the list totally when you look at the 1983, though will still be well-used in the Greece. British Princess Eugenie, holds the fresh new French function.

Ianthe-a red flower title that have a keen ethereal, poetic high quality, a well known of your early pastoral poets. From inside the a similar vein, Evanthe, and thus “fair rose,” helps make an enjoyable introduction toward directory of common Ev-starting names.

Kalantha/Calantha–a pretty, underused term on the enticing meaning of “pleasant rose,” sometimes noticed during the early novels

Io- a reputation you to definitely bags an enormous amount of electricity and you will compound in short two-vowel, two-letter length. Io try an excellent mythological maiden precious by Zeus plus has just played a primary role in the Clash of the Titans.

Melantha is an additional Hellenic flowery alternative-this setting “dark rose” and may even generate a possible namesake to honor a beneficial Melanie otherwise Melissa.

Pandora–What exactly if the she produced one to (major) mythological mistake? We believe it’s time on her behalf to be forgiven and welcomed towards the kid title world. She did make one brief physical appearance to your pop music record for the 1952.

Phaedra-An intriguingly remarkable solutions using this lady physical appearance in the misconception and literature out of Euripides for the toward expose. The definition of your name is “vibrant, shining,” even in the event the girl story book future are certainly not. She actually is never been on the Best 1000, however, strong Phaedra is now Amount 569 towards Nameberry, and could enter line to join brand new recently beautiful, equally heartbreaking Ophelia. Phaedra Areas was a genuine Housewives reality star.

Sapphire-In lieu of Ruby and you may Pearl, it name away from a blue gem have not come shiny up in america as it has actually when you look at the The united kingdomt and you may Wales, where it’s Number 328. Sapphire concerned light has just as pseudonym of your own publisher at the rear of the movie Beloved. Makes the right name to own a female born inside Sep, whose birthstone it is.

Thaddea-Regardless of if Thaddeus is getting specific focus to possess boys, the just as tempting, solid yet feminine Thaddea is close to unknown. And you can Thaddie will make a good change from Addie.

Pandora Lovegood are Luna‘s mother for the Harry Potter, and lots of progressive parents you’ll associate it with the streaming sounds application

Theodosia-This replacement for Theodora, each other meaning “God’s gift,” generated several short term styles in the us dominance ranking out of the brand new 1880s and you will 1990’s. It absolutely was the name provided by Aaron Burr so you can their dp Theda Bara.

Varvara-The fresh Greek, Russian and Czech form of Barbara features a bit more verve than simply the fresh dated B identity. Varvara can make a look for the Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Xanthe-Such as the Greek names, the start X try noticable due to the fact Z in this gilded name produced by the latest Greek phrase to have yellow. Xanthe has recently registered the realm of modern opportunity, especially for the fresh new Berries, which score it at a high Number 205.

Xenia-Which interesting saint’s name, once again with the Z sound, played against the girl a beneficial-woman visualize among the slutty Bond Girls from the 1995 flick GoldenEye.