Immediately following leaving new forest, he informed Diane on marriage between a couple humans just who like for each almost every other

Immediately following leaving new forest, he informed Diane on marriage between a couple humans just who like for each almost every other

In the basic looks, he or she is proven to be a friend with the Holy Knights and that’s happy to eliminate whoever gets in their means plus the individual he is just after. [6]  Meliodas immediately following referred him while the Sins’ “pet” when detailing Queen so you’re able to E; as well as, King’s sluggishness to turn to too many spoil might create him since their extremely fairly-upright associate. The guy appeared to be a little idle, preferring in order to levitate for the majority era. Before, he had been proven to be a compassionate profile exactly who came back overflowing dogs stolen by the Ban in order to children. Furthermore, it appears that he is an emotional individual that cries with ease. [7] Queen enjoys difficulties admitting his love having Diane. Regardless if he has becoming having Meliodas and Diane, he may perhaps not offer himself to share with you it. [8] The guy cares seriously to have their aunt, Elaine, because shown as he are willing to take revenge on her behalf passing by the “killing” Prohibit. [9]

Queen is even proven to has actually a caring side. He support the fresh 7 Fatal Sins inside their battle against the Holy Knights, even if the guy states it is merely getting Diane. [10] Despite as being the Sin away from Sloth, he or she is dedicated and really serious at times. When Queen touches the group, the guy actually starts to act like really the only rational one in the fresh new group, and you may concerns his teammates’ unpredictable and you will a bit wild methods, instance the nonchalance regarding dropping the sacred gifts. [11] Whenever obligated to take action he dislikes, Queen could easily be inspired whether or not it will make Diane pleased. [12] Even with King’s kind identification, they are perhaps not facing killing somebody, if the pushed so you’re able to their limits. Queen is happy to eliminate Guila and you will Jericho if they proceeded to attack him, however, are incapable of after Helbram spared the two. [13]


Queen was given birth to more 1000 years back regarding Sacred Tree of Fairy King’s Tree. Will ultimately, he was selected by Sacred Forest are the 3rd Fairy King.

700 in years past

Seven-hundred years ago, King was the newest leader and you can protector of one’s Fairy King’s Tree; a country set on the fresh new edging within Fairy and Peoples realms. His spear, Chastiefol, is made on the Sacred Tree listed in the center. Queen accustomed live with Elaine with other Fairies, maintaining the fresh new serenity between the two as well as the people. During his go out protecting the brand new forest, Queen and you can Helbram had been close friends. However, in the place of Helbram, Queen receive zero interest in human beings and you will informed Helbram to not ever trust them. not, Helbram along with his classification went out of one’s tree observe the human being business, in which they fulfilled a team of peoples customers just who assured so you’re able to give them items in replace to possess information about brand new Fairy Globe. But not, it absolutely was indicated that the individuals was indeed only immediately after its wings, and this can be sold for a number of currency, whilst are thought to stretch someone’s PussySaga lifetime. Queen up coming went of the forest to store their loved ones even with Elaine’s operate to eliminate him, advising this lady to keep and you can include the fresh new tree. After picking out the dry bodies of the Fairies, King discovered a taller, armored individual wearing a watch area named Aldrich who attacked him on right back, ending up nearly destroying him, up to he was saved from the a young Diane. Due to his injuries, King wound up forgetting from the his lives since good Fairy King and you may spent their day playing with and you will protecting Diane.

five-hundred years ago

Diane later on fulfilled a stranger just who offered him or her soup, even with her or him are a beneficial fairy and a large. Feeling unpleasant on old man, Queen advised Diane to be careful up to people. Whenever Diane arrived down which have a fever, he was delivered to your stress considering the fairies’ shortage of understanding of problems and diseases. But not, Diane averted him, telling him not to ever log off this lady front side since she is always lonely. The outdated boy which offered him or her dining discover him or her and given certain plants for Diane to feel greatest. Yet, Queen pointed out that an excellent human’s go out introduced much faster as compared to other events, given that old-man he had came across in advance of had aged multiple decades due to the fact history date he previously considering her or him soup. As soon as Diane got better, it wound-up to play tag collectively. He informed her if she caught him, he would give their a wish to. Diane took they undoubtedly and trapped him, however, wound-up bringing the lady outfits torn, leaving the girl nude, much so you’re able to their surprise. He chose to generate this lady the newest dresses and you can went to the newest dated people’s put, merely to see alot more metropolises depending here, and therefore the outdated child had a granddaughter today.