The Best Grand Theft Auto Video games

Regardless of what people think about the series, the Grand Theft Automobile games have always been great. They are simply fun, packed with personality, and offer a vast open up world.

The series started out with the original Grand Thievery Auto, which has been a top-down, 2D game with a geradlinig story. Its underlying strategy was to offer players liberty to explore and complete objectives.

The series has developed over the years becoming a staple belonging to the video game universe. Over time, the series has developed some of the why not try this out best games in the industry. The most recent addition, Grand Theft Automobile 5, is possibly the best video game in the business. The game is a huge open world, with hundreds of missions, visitors to meet, and places to explore. It also provides a first-person view.

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its over-the-top physical violence and commentary on appear culture and politics. The games feature large, available worlds that are filled with chaos and dubious activities.

The original Grand Robbery Auto game featured Freedom City, San Andreas, and Vice City. The game was top-down, but had some clunky control buttons. It also included getting rid of sprees, taking cars, and other fundamental gameplay.

Grand Theft Car IV, on sale since 2002, was one of the first online games inside the series to get released on the seventh generation of consoles. It had been also a critically acclaimed video game, and received praise because of its open-world design. However , it also had a few issues, including the texture swallowing and cruising mechanics.