Their happier aura and you will sense of humor generate your popular for almost all, despite their mischievousness

Their happier aura and you will sense of humor generate your popular for almost all, despite their mischievousness

  • He could be a minimal shedder.
  • Although the guy has no need for as much take action given that most other types, the brand new Westie nonetheless requires one or two daily strolls otherwise play lessons. The guy fundamentally features the lowest energy level inside, although personal pets are different in this regard.
  • An effective Westie try flexible and will do just fine in any type of out of loveaholics Fiyat house, along with renting (no matter if in the event the he isn’t trained out of barking, they are likely to end up in issues with brand new residents).
  • He or she is a personal puppy whom will get collectively better which have folks. He enjoys children of every decades, however, they are most readily useful suitable for belongings having teenagers.
  • An effective Westie will likely be leftover for a long period of your energy when their folks are functioning. Turning on an invisible, getting playthings and kongs, and you may crating him certainly are the secret techniques to fool around with.
  • Whenever you are a beneficial fastidious gardener, the brand new Westie isn’t the best choices, once the he might be keen on looking up plants and start to become only a tad too enthusiastic about assisting you backyard.
  • To track down an excellent puppy, never ever pick a dog away from a reckless breeder, puppy factory, otherwise pets shop. See a reputable breeder exactly who evaluation the lady breeding animals to make certain that they’ve been clear of genetic infection which they you’ll solution on the dogs, and they enjoys voice temperaments.


South west Highland Light Terrier shares a past with that out of the latest Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Scottish, and you can Cairn Terriers; all of them are sensed twigs of the same reproduce. South-west Highland Light Terrier came from Scotland and you may was used having google search fox, badger, and you will otter as well as for eliminating vermin like rats.

There is not far proof to search for the right reputation of this new West Highland Light Terrier, but many accept that the latest reproduce will likely be traced back again to the fresh seventeenth 100 years and a tiny strain of world dogs that James I off Argyllshire provided towards queen regarding France.

According to reproduce lore, the latest Westie’s white color resulted of a tragic nineteenth-100 years collision you to definitely taken place if you’re Colonel Malcolm away from Poltalloch are search fox. The newest colonel accidentally try and you may murdered one of is own wheaten-coloured Cairns. Devastated, and computed to stop such as for example crashes down the road, the guy made a decision to breed merely light pet you to would not become perplexed having foxes.

South-west Highland White Terrier could have been recognized by many brands, like the Poltalloch Terrier while the Roseneath Terrier, but he had been theoretically acknowledged by the fresh new Kennel Bar regarding England because the Western Highland White Terrier within the 1906.

The west Highland White Terrier are a sturdy little dog which have a deep chest and you may a somewhat square shape. Men go for about eleven in extreme and you will usually consider 15 in order to twenty-two pounds; females are approximately 10 in high and consider thirteen to 16 weight. (Unless, however, you’ve got a soft heart and slide victim to the people pleading brownish attention – whereby your own Westie, off possibly sex, you certainly will consider at least twice standard.)


The west Highland White Terrier try a bold, confident, fun-enjoying, intelligent canine who’ll get a hold of glee regarding the greatest delights from life, for example squeaky playthings, a tummy scrub, and you will dinner. The guy doesn’t use up all your any worry about-admiration, but he isn’t thus overbearing inside the depend on you to definitely their notice-promise will get an awful characteristic.

He could be friendly and you will will get in addition to people, in which he features are part of his family members. Zero docile lapdog, they can feel spunky. He scarcely starts a combat, but he is anyway an effective terrier, therefore the guy won’t leave from a single. He could be a lively nothing son which greets the newest escapades in life that have a-sparkle within his vision and you may an avoid within his step – particularly when he is cutting over the feet to reach their dining pan.